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At A.M. Services Collectifs, we can help your firm choose the right direction and the right Insurance Plan by conducting a complete analysis of your file to accurately identify your needs.


Research and verification

We will then search for the most suitable provider to meet your specific needs and perform a best rate verification based on taxation rates of different governmental levels.


Finally, we will provide an explanation of legal responsibilities as set out in laws governing group insurance.




Solutions that make a difference

- Administrative support -
We provide assistance with procedures to be followed, thus minimizing the risk of errors and delays in processing claims. This includes support in completing paperwork such as enrolment forms, termination, salary changes, disability, etc. We can also assist you with any issue regarding your Employee Assistance Program (EAP).


- Information on policy benefits -
Our office keeps a complete customer file, including the master policy, copy of the booklet, copy of the enrolment, etc., so that we can provide a quick response to any questions you may have regarding your policy.


- Source deductions service -
We provide a breakdown of the premiums according to the pay period and employer/employee contributions.


- Employee Assistance / Identifying year-end tax advantages -

We will prepare a form for your employees indicating the medical portion that they can claim on their Provincial and Federal year-end tax returns.


- Renewal -

A study of the renewal provided by the current insurer

Negotiations and alternative options, if necessary

Semi-annual analysis and projection of renewal

Market analysis, if necessary